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With 12 kind of filter system, make sure to give you a good quality air 12x HEPA Filter+High Density Active Carbon Pie Photo Catalyst+ UV light Filter+Cold Catalyst+ Honey Comb Captivated Light Catalyst Filter+ Ozone Generator+ Anion Sterilization.
The most advanced cold catalyst technology Can absorb and decompose formaldehyde, break down formaldehyde and other toxic gas into carbon dioxide and water. Operation model: auto manual Auto Mode: The device will auto adjust the motor/fan speed according to the air quality and it make sure to give you the fresh air.

Airborne germs are a collection of microorganism which includes bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa in the air. Even though they are insignificant in size and cannot be visibly observed, they can cause severe damage to human health. Besides that, unpleasant odour is another common type of indoor airborne contaminants. Increased public’s expectation of living standard has led to decreased tolerance of unpleasant odours. Hence it is imperative to ensure repulsive odour is removed promptly. Prolonged exposure to unpleasant odour could possibly result significant impact on our daily activities.

LCD touch Screen /12x True HEPA Filter/Pre Filter/Antimicrobial Filter/ High Density Active carbon Filter/ Cold catalyst Filter/ Honey Comb Activated carbon Filter/ Photo catalyst Filter/ Anion Sterilization/ Ozone Generator/ Anion Sterilization.

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Experience the Breathing of Himalayan Air With 12 Stages of Filtration Klairon-A3 Klairon’s touch screen air purifier & Sterilizer work to eliminate these airborne germs and unpleasant odour with this incredible oxidation capacity. Small portable and a plug-to-go design, this hassle-free unit strives to provide fresh quality air everywhere to your convenience!

Motor Operating Symbols Timer: Show the working tie (Countdown the time etc.) (Only display hours). After the appliance’s working for one hour, the timer diminishes ne hour. The timer can set up through 1H-2H-4H-8H-12H.When the appliance running, the related function word r instructions symbols is bright or flashing, which shows the appliance starts working.


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Remove Smoke and Dust
All kinds of smoke and dust in air, this pollution are harmful to human health For example; the pollution from smoking can stay 10 days in the air.

Dispel Odors
Active Oxygen with its strong oxidability can fast decompose organic and inorganic which generate e bad and other odour.

Active Oxygen Purifier
Active Oxygen is well known as one of the strongest oxidizer. It can effectively kill virus.SARS.H1NI.etc. and it can treat respiratory disease.

High concentration of negative- ion
Negative ion can fat adsorb and neutralize harmful substance. Promote human body metabolism, improve immunity and adjust human body balance. It is also name as “Air Vitamin”.

12 Stages Filtration
Front Filter net, with antibacterial material, it can remove dust, pollen, etc. Formaldehyde filter net. It can remove formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds.

Decompose Formaldehyde
Active Oxygen with its strong oxidability can fast decompose formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other harmful gases, Eliminate odors.

UV Sterilizer
UV can kill all kinds of microorganism, etc. it has broad spectrum function.

No Second Pollution
Active Oxygen is unstable under natural situation. It easily breaks up into 03. Its half life is 20-30 minutes. It can increase the oxygen content in air. Make air fresh and clean.

Air Purifier Technology
Air purifier with high technology can efficiently all kind of smoke and dust in the air, and easily solve the problem of housing environmental pollution. Active oxygen with its strong oxidization can fast decompose organism and inorganic which generate bad smell and other odors and make these odors matter to be innocuous matters.Sterilization and disinfection” it can effectively kill hepatitis virus, Flu Virus, SARS HINI etc and it also can treat respiratory disease. It’s beneficial to healthcare, killing virus and sanitize purifying air.