Sterilization of Vegetable and Fruit
Put Fruits and vegetables into the container with ozone water. After 2-10 minutes, ozone water directly sterilize, effectively remove coloring matter, pesticide residue chemical fertilizer and other harmful thing. Keep fresh of the daily food household decoration contaminations.

Water Purification & Sterilizeration
It can produce different concentration of ozone water. used for sterilization, disinfection decomposition of impurity in water oxidate and remove the residual chlorine and oxidate heavy metal.

Beauty and Health Care
Insist on washing face and body with ozone water it can eliminate the bacteria and dirt inside the skin and pres. Can activate cells, promote the blood circulation, effective clean skin, hairdressing and alleviate fatigue.

Detoxification, Remove Fishy Smells and Keeps Fresh
Put meat fish and other sea food into the container with ozone water after 10-20 minutes, ozonated water dissolve additive, kill virus and harmful organism, remove residues hormones, antibiotics and other chemical harmful material, make the food fresher and it tripled preservation time.

Fruits and vegetables

Personal Health Care
Drinking ozone water can reduce or eliminate the pain from the gastritis, gastric uncer, enteritis etc. The onset of chronic often sickness: Commonly used ozone blisters bath can cure silver needle bacteria caused by infection of all kinds of skin diseases, can prevent all kind of gynecological disease, venereal disease: Washing hands with ozone water can instantly kill bacteria virus preventing cross infection.

Sterilization of Living Goods and Articles of Babies
Put those into ozone water. After 5-10 minutes can effectively kill i.e. coli bacteria. Staphylococcus aureus and pathogenic bacteria can prevent spread of the disease of hepatitis.

Dispel Unpleasant Smells
Ozone can be used to remove smell of cigarettes odor and other harmful gas, such formaldehyde, benzene and so on.

Oral Cavity Cleanness
Brush teeth with ozone water can prevent the mouth peculiar smell prevention of oral gum disease. Eliminate the uncomfortable symptoms cause by a toothache or sore throat.